George Gee and SWING46 Together Again, For the First Time (NOT)!

Nifty fifty.jpg

Who would’ve thunk that way back in the last century, in May of 1997, when we first took the stage at SWING46 Jazz & Supper Club on a Tuesday evening - it would parlay into one of NYC’s longest regular weekly Big Band engagement! Now it is 2019 and we are ready to embark on our 22nd consecutive year of entertaining en mass a wide variety of local and global swing music and dance lovers. Not since the heydays of the original 1940 Swing Era, has an NYC nightclub so loyally dedicate its style and ambiance to cater to the classic Big Band Sound, for both listening and dancing.

Swing, Don’t Run…down to SWING46 on a Tuesday for a swingin’est, jumpin’est, heppest night of Big Band Fun with The George Gee Swing Orchestra, always featuring vocalists John Dokes and Shenel Johns - 830pm to 1130pm. Dance Lesson after the first set by dance pros Tony and Jaime!

We dare you not to tap your feet and smile :)