Swing Makes You Happy (2015)

George Gee and his collaborator and musical director - the brilliant composer, arranger and trombonist David Gibson - share a common vision. As George states "David and I are truly kindred spirits who agree that swing music is a living, growing and evolving art form." The music here proves that over and over again. Although the orchestra is firmly entrenched in the deepest foundations of the swing tradition, the music is thoroughly contemporary and of the moment. The marvelous musicianship of the 9-piece ensemble sounds like a group twice as large; and sometimes like a tight little band that cooks like the Jazz Messengers.

With consistent personnel, some for more than 20 years, the George Gee Swing Orchestra also demonstrates the time-proven fact that the more a group performs together, the more transcendent the music becomes. As David Gibson states about this extraordinary recording "The results have exceeded the boundaries of my imagination" .... and now the listeners get to expand their own; and to dance to their hearts' content!

The ensemble is George Gee - bandleader, David Gibson - trombone, music director, Hilary Gardner and John Dokes - vocals, Ed Pazant - alto sax, Michael Hashim - tenor sax, Tony Lustig - baritone sax, Freddie Hendrix, Andy Gravish - trumpets, Willard Dyson - drums, Marcus McLaurine - string bass, and Steve Einerson - piano