What is “The George Gee Orchestra” experience??

First and foremost, The George Gee Orchestra offers a true representative of the classic musical sound and style of the 1920s/1930s/1940s Big Band Swing Era. All members of the band are well-rooted in this grand tradition of original American music. Whether it’s the 10- or 17-piece configuration, the melodies and arrangements have all been carefully designed to evoke the hot and sweet jazz that captivated early dance halls and ballrooms around the country… from The Palomar in LA to the famed Savoy in NYC’s Harlem.

The “Big Band Sound” is not necessarily a “loud” sound, as much as it’s a “full” sound—taking complete advantage of the multiple horns to add extra chordal colors to the quintessential “call and response” between the brass and the reed sections.

Accompanying the sound is a distinct style: Musicians always appear in dapper uniform dress, seated behind signature bandstands—the orchestra always projects a timeless look of sophistication and FUN!

To complete the experience, The George Gee Orchestra can augment any program with the addition of vocal specialists working in the style of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and even the harmonious Andrew Sisters. Dance exhibitions and instruction can be provided by championship swing dancers, well-versed in the art of lindy hop and gravity-defying aerials! As an added exclamation point, jazz tap dancers can dazzle your party with the same footwork that has delighted Broadway audiences!

Yes, perhaps it “Don’t Mean a Thing, If it Ain’t Got That Swing!” but The George Gee Orchestra also plays “Swing that Rocks and Rock that Swings!” This party band can switch gears at a moment’s notice and keep the dance floor pulsatin’ all night long. From “Sing Sing Sing” to “Dancin’ in the  Streets” to “Play That Funky Music” to “Poker Face”…  all without missing a beat.  We say this with much confidence: Can you think of another band that could perform at a birthday bash for rocker Ozzy Osbourne in Beverly Hills AND at a party for Prince of Jordan in Amman (thanks to an invitation from Grammy-winning legendary producer Quincy Jones)?

We would love to bring this confidence, skill, and joy to your next celebration too!

Let’s look at just a few of the options The George Gee Orchestra can bring to your next special event!