George Gee Live at SWING46 Tribute to Frankie Manning on May 24th





Hi, this is George Gee – bandleader of The George Gee Swing Orchestra here in NYC. I’ve been known to preach about how#SwingMakesYouHappy to whomever may be within listening radius plus the many captive audiences at our countless shows! So much so, it’s also the title of our recent CD recording (which was on the short list for a Grammy nomination plus 12 straight weeks on the Jazz radio charts)!

2017 marks our 20th anniversary of performing weekly at Swing 46 Jazz & Supper Club located in the heart of NYC on Restaurant Row in Times Square. Big Band swingin’ for the both the local and international swing dance community supplemented by jazz music lovers and worldwide tourists – this little club that could – has withstood multiple trial and tribulations to be the last one standing (in the WORLD)!

A regular patron we were privileged to entertain on the SWING46 dance floor was the late, great Frankie Manning (the legendary original Savoy Ballroom dancer). Frankie always claimed The George Gee Swing Orchestra was his favorite modern swing orchestra and personally requested for us to perform at many of his numerous birthday celebrations. After his unexpected sudden passing right before his 95th birthday, we help maintain the flame by carrying on at that poignant event and then again at his centennial two years ago.

On May 24th, (2 days before Frankie’s actual May 26th birthdate) – we will be swingin’ hard in honor of Frankie102 at our regular Tuesday night Big Band Swing Party at SWING46. Playing many of Frankie’s musical favorites (Shiny Stockings, Splanky, Tuxedo Junction, Things Ain’t What They Used To Be, Easy Does It, Take the A Train, Christopher Columbus, Wednesday Night Hop and more…) – we will record this sure-to-be magical night of music and dance for posterity. And after nearly two decades of providing the world a place to swing 7-nights-week – we think its time for the FIRST “Live at SWING46” recording!

This project has the full support of The Frankie Manning Foundation and a part of the proceeds from pre-sales and contributions will be donated to The Frankie Manning Foundation to continue in their pursuit of advancing the legacy of Frankie Manning, Big Band music and Lindy Hop.

The budget will cover the cost of the musical performance of the 10 musicians, onsite live 20 track remote recording, post-production mixing/mastering, graphic design, special musical arrangements and CD duplication.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration for this creative effort. It is our goal to continue spreading the joy of big band music and lindy hop – exactly the way Frankie shared with us………

Keep on Swingin’ – GG

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