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Hello Music Lover:

My name is George Gee and as you may already know, I am the bandleader of The George Gee Swing Orchestra.

Gee shows that his rocket-fueled ensemble, which is typically nine players, can generate just as much heat as a traditional, full-sized big band.

— Bobby Reed, Downbeat Magazine

For the past 35 years, I have been leading a big band specializing in the swing and jazz legacy — the last quarter-century being in my hometown of New York City. And for over 18 years, we’ve been one of the house bands at SWING46 Jazz & Supper Club in Times Square. In January 2015, Rondette Jazz released our 8th recording: “Swing Makes You Happy!”

‘Swing Makes You Happy!’ isn’t just an album title: It’s a mantra and belief system that guides the George Gee Swing Orchestra, a little big band intent on rekindling the ear’s love affair with music associated with a bygone era. 

Dan Bilawsky,

In the last five years, under the musical direction of trombonist David Gibson, the scope of the [George Gee Swing Orchestra] repertoire has expanded, while always maintaining an allegiance to the core value of swing as exemplified by Count Basie and Swing Era formats.

— George Kanzler, Hot House Magazine 

I am proud to announce the recording has been submitted for a 2016 Grammy nomination consideration under the “Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album” section of the Jazz category. If you are a voting member of The Recording Academy (or know of somebody who is), I hope you may consider our CD and/or recommend it. The ballots will be mailed later this week and are due back by early November. Your support and consideration is greatly appreciated!

You can download the Promo one sheet HERE

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George Gee 


16 straight weeks in the Top 100,

which included 11 straight weeks in the Top 50

peaking at #16 on the Jazz Charts (


Also prominently featured on the CMJ Jazz Charts


Downbeat Magazine “Editor’s Pick” January 2015


This album is convivial —true to its title— and feels remarkably, almost startlingly hip, without sacrificing its lineage to the Count Basie New Testament Band.

— Michael J. West, Jazz Times


George Gee and his collaborator, musical director and trombonist David Gibson, have put together an offering of 19 tracks that swing from the horn section blast on the opener to the final note.

— Marcia Hillman, New York City Jazz Record


Gee and his posse walk a fine line between reminiscence of the Swing Era (forgoing pious over-reverence) and post bop modernism with grace, panache, and plenty of joie de vivre.

—  Mark Keresman,



The George Gee Swing Orchestra

Appears every Tuesday evening at
SWING46 Jazz & Supper Club

349 West 46th Street

Times Square, NYC


Every Last Sunday of the Month at
SMALLS Jazz Club 183 West 10th Street

Greenwich Village, NYC 


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